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Dancing at Club Rio Bucharest

I am Ricky aka ‘’Ricky El Suave’’ or ‘’Ricky the Dancing Traveler’’.
The purpose of this blog, is to provide a very useful connection between travellers, dancers and worldwide enthusiasts.
Ultimately, my goal is to create a warm and unique meeting spot to allow people to share their passion and travel information: .

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France 2018

Ricky goes to France Paris June 2018 Belgium , Italy , France , Iceland I couldn’t resist to find the hottest place in Paris to dance and I found it right along the beautiful river Seine in the heart of Paris within distance of the Eiffel Tower. There is every style for your needs including cuban or puerto rican. There are also a few tango dancers in the distance. During my stay in the heart of Paris I was lucky to find a couchsurfing friend to host me for a night. It was a well-deserved sleep...

Italy 2018

Ricky goes to Italy Pisa June 2018 I was so happy to arrive to a nice, warm climate after being sick from Belgium. I managed to find a local tourist from the USA to take a quick picture in front of the world famous tower, the leaning tower of Pisa , of course ! I stayed in Pisa for about a week, the temperature was really comfortable and the city very calm with few tourists. I sometimes just slept on the park bench to cut costs but I did find a small hostel to host me for one night close to...

Germany 2018

Ricky goes to Germany Dusseldorf May 2018 I arrived to Dusseldorf by bus with Flixbus, a fast and cheap transportation choice in Europe. I recommend this service but you have to make sure you take the bus at the right place or you might be end up with a surprise. Upon arriving I had to find a great place to meet and dance with the folks from Germany. I happened to locate and outdoor event located not too far from downtown. The buildings and architecture were really nice to look at during my...

Iceland 2017

First stop of all trips is always Iceland since the only airline available at a great price is WOWAIR and brings you to Reykjavik airport. I was lucky enough to find an icelandic lady and give her a personal coaching lesson in kizomba. The time was quite limited since my plance was the same day but everything went smoothly and I got to visit a bit of the icelandic scenery ! The currency in iceland is measured in Kronos for those who don’t know what money to bring. They don’t accept Canadian...

Germany 2017

Ricky goes to Germany Berlin March 2017 When you go to Berlin , who doesn’t want to see the most famous wall since WWII ? The famous Berlin Wall , of course. During my short stay , I did get chance to hit some popular salsa clubs such as Havanna Club. I didn’t have enough time to visit the Soda Club, the most popular of all. After finding a hostel to take a nap and hopefully regain my energy since I had been travelling almost without sleep I asked some facebook friends for some contacts in...

Spain 2017

Ricky goes to Spain Barcelona February 2017 Barcelona was definitely one of my favorite places to visit. However, my stay was too short to explore all the venues but the one that sticks to mind was YOUSALSA located in the Casino of Barcelona. You will find a beginner level of salsa dancers with a free course in the beginning of the night. I arrived in the city of Barcelona in the month of February and the weather was mild with no snow. It felt great to take a break from the cold. This gave me...

Romania 2017

Ricky goes to Romania Lasi & Romania Salsa Congress January 2017 The first stop of my fantastic trip to discover european salsa was Lasi, Romania. Upon arrival , I discovered a latin school called MAGNITUDE DANCE which offers courses and nights at a pub called OXFORD.The night at Oxford Pub was amazing and the director of the school Stefan told me to go to Brasov where there was a National Congress, and I never forgot this congress and promised to come back

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