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Romania 2019

Ricky goes to Romania
Lasi and Bucharest

October 2019

Back again to Bucharest since Lasi was cold and rainy. Upon arriving in Bucharest I took a nice hostel called the Little Bucharesti Old Town Hostel. It was located right in the center of the city and the price was now 12 euros per night. It was located 2 minutes away from my favorite dance spot the Club Rio ! The view from the hostel was really nice and felt like everything of an old city.

The case against the Palladium in Ukraine was draining my energy but the long awaited chance to return to my first love of european dance was Lasi. The dance teacher Stefan of Magnitude dance was still teaching and doing salsa nights at Oxford Pub.

MAGNITUDE DANCE SCHOOL – There are now a few latin schools in Lasi but Magnitude Dance is the best without a doubt. Stefan Cosmin has been doing latin nights for years at Oxford Pub and the city has some good dancers

Ricky goes to Bulgaria 2019

Ricky goes back to Bulgaria

October 2019

The situation in Ukraine forced me to take a bus from Bodrum Turkey all the way to Ukraine passing by Bulgaria. I obviously took the action to visit for a couple of days to have fun and relax from the long bus ride.

The dancing was a bit better in Varna where I discovered the small latin dance school by . There was a fine latin night whth good music which lasted for my taste. If you want information on latin dance in Varna look up Maria Lilianova the organizer of Summer Salsa Fest Varna.

I also couldn’t resist finding myself a nice wild beach I could swim nude. Unfortunately Varna is once more filled with tourist hotels and nudity is very difficult to practice but I did find Nirvana Beach at a cost of about $30 with taxi north of varna. Even then they only allow people to go nude on a part of the beach but its a very nice sandy beach.

Greece 2019

Ricky goes to Greece

June 2019

After almost 2 weeks in the beautiful city of Kusadasi I had my sights back to Bodrum or a couchsurfing experience in Samos. My last minute choice was Samos ! I found a couchsurfing friend by the nmae of Mike who was willing to let me stay at his beautiful villa close to mountains and ea for some help in building his villa which he wanted to convert to Air BnB.
The first day I arrived he took me stratight to the mountains and what an experience !
The pictures speak for themselves!

Kerkis – The highest mountains I have ever seen in my life. The mountain Kerkis or Kerketeus is located on the western side of the island. Its highest peak, called Vigla, has a height of 1.443m.
We had to take a truck 30 minutes up and then a 4 hour hike up to the top.
I was very lucky to have an experienced mountain guide to the top and I suggest it even if the cost is about 50 Euros. We reached the top at sunset and hiked down in toal darness ! Look at my Youtube videos for more.
Megalo Seitani One of the most beautiful beaches in Greece and absolutely beautiful especcialy if you intend to go bathing completely naked. Don’T be shy to take it off ! The car ride there is about 45 minutes from Kokarri and a good walk down a narrow trail.

Tsamadou Beach & Lemonakia Beach Two beautiful beathtaking beaches with Tsamadou beach being the only beach devoted to full nudity.

Cyprus 2019

Ricky goes to Cyprus
Paphos, Aphrodite , Kyrenia

May 2019

Paphos – After a great party at bachata takeover in Bucharest off I fly to a new country, Cyprus ! This small island is located in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Turkey and Syria and is a British colony.
During my stay in Paphos I stayed at a really friendly COUCHSURFING friend by the name of Magik who offered a couch for a few days….really nice , cool guy and showed me the area after and before his work . If you plan to travel cheaply, please consider couchsurfing !
Paphos – A small touristic town with nice rocky beaches and plenty of restaurants and pubs you can imagine.
There are weekly salsa bachata nights at Fiesta Bar n Grill on Wednesdays.

Aphrodite & Latchi – If you go to Cyprust you MUST take a trip to Blue Lagoon or Aphrodite. First, you have to find your way to Latchi.
The following buses go to Latchi then take another bus a few minutes to Aprhrodite:
Karavella Station in Paphos
618 Paphos Harbour to Karavella
645 Karavella to Polis
622 Polis to Latchi
Kyrenia (North Cyprus) Get ready to show your passport again !!! You have to go through a small border through Nicosie in order to to access Norther Turkey.
My short stay in Kyrenia was well worth the visit since I had a beautiful seafront view , restaurants on the seaside as well as a beautiful mountain range called five-point mountain. There are buses that pass daily and almost every hour at the main bus station , and the prices are cheap to get you anywhere around northern cyprus (turkey).

Ukraine 2019

Ricky goes to Ukraine

April 2019

I have been doing couchsurfing for several years now and luckily found a host ready to help me out since I was out some money after the terrible Palladium experience when they extorted me close to $ 1500 CAN ! I found a girl by the name of Shanti who was a trained masseuse and also practised meditation.
The weather was great so I had no choice but to visit the beautiful beaches of Odessa. She was located an hour north of the City Center called the Kryzhanivka district. The beach was called Dofinovka. Take a look at the pictures and you can see it’s beautiful !
Couchsurfing has always been a great experience for me : FREE HOUSING , FREE WIFI and GOOD COMPANY !

2. WEI WEI (Salsa Odessa)
Salsa , Bachata and Kizomba parties every week (downtown Odessa)
3. Esmerillita
A local mexican restaurant which offers a mix of latin music thursdays, fridays and weekends. If you want to go out for a drink they have a nice dancefloor but you won’t find any great dancers. Bring a friend !
4. Kizomba University
Kizomba University is a kizomba school directed by Yulia Dunaievska. She holds local parties so you have to check the schedule to see the dates of her parties. The level is basic to average and they dance 90 % kizomba with varied bachata music in the night.
My first visit was to the WEI WEI restaurant which is held by their local school of salsa and is located on the 6th Floor ! Beautiful view, the music and dancers are at beginner and intermediate level. I stopped by the Promo Tour for the Kyiv Dance Festival which will be held in March.
Kiev – The visit in Kiev was a bit hard to swallow since most residents don’t speak English and they let you know it ! It took me awhile to figure out where the hot spots for dancing were since everything is on facebook and you have to do long searches to find the right spot. One thing for sure, kizomba is BIG in Kiev ! You can go kizz almost 3 to 4 nights a week.
Here are a list of spots to go dancing in Kiev.
1. Habana Night Club (thursday, friday and Saturday nights (live band)
2. Cat’s ( every Wednesday and Friday nights)
3. Ravado Studio (check out their facebook page for exact party dates)
4. Heaven Club Kiev or Salsa Club Kiev
5. Dance Café Salsita
6. Depo Dance Cafe

Moldova 2019

Ricky goes to Moldova


March 2019

After an absolutely incredible congress in Brasov I take the train back to Bucharest so I can take what they call the ”night train” to Kiev, the cheapest way of getting to Kiev other than by plane since I hadn’t reserved my plane in advance. It was a bit confusing to find out WHERE to find the train tickets but just go to the international check-in and the cost for a train to Ugeni is about $ 40 CAN which takes about 10 hours ! Great price for 10 hours in my opinion. The tickets are only sold at the GARE DU NORD train station in Bucharest . Here is the link below :
The train will first get you to Ungeny in Moldovia before taking another train to kiev. There I can go to Odessa if I wish for some ocean !