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Ricky goes to Croatia

Zagreb, Opatija, Pula, Rovinj

June- July 2019

One of my dreams for years was to participate in the Croatian Salsa Festival. I met some great people in Turkey and by a last second decision I found myself a close flight via Bratislova, Slovakia. Upon arriving in Bratislave my computer battery quit functioning and I rushed to find the closest computer repair store with no success. The people were, in my opinion, too preoccupied to help a lonely traveller. With some quick decision making and asking people how to get to the nearest bus station I immediately reserved a direct bus ride to Zagreb , Croatia.
Zagreb was nothing more than disapointing. I quickly took the next bus by FLIXBUS to Opatija where the Salsa Festival was taking place. To my disapointment, I only noticed that people working in this city were out for your money. I decided to get out !
Mošćenička Draga – A small town an hour car ride from Opatija. However, it happended that there was no bus service to transport me to the nearest town so I went by foot. The total distance walked was 14 km ! I was dead and exhausted from extreme heat. There is a small area for nude bathing if you walk a short distance from the city center . It’s amazing !
Be prepared for expensive meals since the businesses here will try to get all the money they can from tourists.
There is no dancing in Pula but the beautiful coastline and nude bathing is worth the trip to this beautiful little paradise
To get to Pula had to reserve an online ticket with a bus company for the price of 8 Euros. Seems like little but that is a big price difference when you compare an average bus ticket is about 2 or 3 Euros anywhere in Turkey.
The ride was well worth it I wanted to see one of the oldest monuments in Roman History still standing , the Pula Coliseum. To my surprise the Foo Fighters were in town to play there.

The road to Rovinj was just a short bus ride away from Pula and I was lucky to meet one of the organizers of the Sea Sun Salsa Festival Yannis. A great dancer and organizer of several salsa festivals.
My budget was quite tight after the events from Ukraine so I had to content myself with only one night of sensual. I was quite disapointed with the level of dancing so I decided to wait one more week for the next festival.
Instead, I explored the wonderful beaches of Rovinj, and boy was I surprised! You have to walk quite a distance though from the small city center to reach the nice beaches. Again, don’t’ be afraid to ”take it off” since croatians are very open to nudity.

Split & Markaska & Biokovo Mountains & Dubrovnik – The time to leave Rovinj was NOW. After an assault incident with a Croatian taxi driver and uncooperative police as well as rude employees at a restaurant I decided to LEAVE this crazy city or country as fast as I could.
I had to change my mind since I almost lost the only useful tool my laptop for working after the crazy taxi driver almost destroyed it.

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