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Ricky goes back to Cyprus
Paphos, Limassol, Nicosia, Famagusta

November 2019

The weather was just getting unbearaby cold in Romania so I took a cheap $35 flight right to Cyprus where you can swim and enjoy the scenery. Paphos has unique coastlines filled with volcanic rock and sea caves. Incredible natural scenery.
Dancing in Cyprus :
Omnia – every Friday night . Located old town Paphos
Bossa Nova – every Saturday night – Located 15 min. out of city center by car. Limassol. Great venue, free entrance !
Columbia Beach – every Thursday and Sunday. Nice venue, free entrance with drinks.

If you need any more info just go to facebook group LATIN DANCE FRIENDS CYPRUS. I haven’t danced in Nicosia since I was told it wasm’t recommended. In any case, the level is low in Cyprus, bring a dancing friend to keep you busy all night. Cyprus is a small island and people seem to dance mostly within their group of friends rather than asking outsiders for a dance. Don’t be shy to ask or you will find the night very long ! There are the few people Stevee Church, Maurizio Sergi of Italy and otherss who are really nice, friendly and great to dance with that I have met on my journey. I thank them for showing me the dance venues and certainly encourage them they are doing a great job of promoting latin dance !

As you can see from the picture Governor’s beach is nothing more than magnificent ! However, getting there is another story , it took me about 3 hours by foot which I would have never done in summer weather. I was very lucky to get a friendly cypriot who droe me right down to the beach area. Once I arrived I couldn,t resist to take the clothes off and start diving and swimming ! Be aware that nude swimming is ”illegal” in Cyprus , but only if someone makes a complaint so try to stay discreet and swim with not too many people around.

I was in Limassol for the end of my stay in Cyprus and I couldn’t resist to bathe naked in the wonderful area called Dasoudi Beach. They have a wonderful natural park with enough trees to keep your privacy along the beach. Don’t forget nudity is illegal in Cyrpus so always keep a suit close by if passers by might snitch and make a complaint. I even had a Cypriot give me the fist if ever he saw me nude. BE CAREFUL.

Pissouri Beach is the only beach which is permitted nudity but you need transporation to get there. I was lucky enough to get invited but they never sent me the pictures ! Its a nice beach but very small……Dasoudi is MUCH better and access to restaurants and cafés.

Would you like to learn more about naturism and the positive benefits of nudity in a natural context. Learn about positive attitudes towards nudity by reading my page HERE.