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Ricky goes to Egypt
Cairo – Sinai Peninsula – Hurghada

January 2020

Egypt , by far has been the most difficult country I’ve ever encountered in my adventure across the globe. It has been already 1 year since I left everything behind with the goal to visit every country possible and the only thing that was preventing me to continue was the stolen money in Ukraine.
Getting into Egypt : There is an entry fee of 400 Egyptian Pounds which is equivalent of about $35 CAN. This fee MUST be paid in cash, they have NO terminal available to pay by debit or credit card so take out your cash at the nearest ATM.

Hitchhiking through the desert

Once I arrived to the nearest town called Nuweba, I was surprised to see absolutely no basic services available including WIFI , small restaurants or card terminals. It literally looked like a desert town. I immediately headed towards the highway since the next bus was in 6 hours. After 30 minutes of walking in the desert a friendly arab picked me up and headed to the next town, Dahab. To my disappointment, Dahab refused any type of card payment and had unavailable free wifi everywhere.

My stay in Cairo was short since there was not anything for me interesting for me to see except the dream of visiting the pyramids and that dream was achieved ! Cairo has about 25 million or so habitants and it takes some time to get used to the constant honking of cars and lack of lights to cross the streets. The hostel was Holy Sheets Hostel and I absolutely loved the decor of this place with their private curtains for beds and meeting travellers from all over the world including Canada.
My visit in Hurghada was nothing more than both disappointing and extraordinary. During my visit in Cairo I communicated with a CS friend by the name of Moody to host me during my stay in Hurghada. The bus ride with GOBus was about 7 hours from Cairo at the cost of about 200 Egyptian Pounds which is a very good price. Upon my arrival at about 6 am Moody was waiting for me directly out of the bus ! This man was so generous and kind I couldn’t believe anyone would get out of their way to offer me free breakfast at his home with his wife and kids. He also showed me the area of Hurghada by car. I am always grateful for the generosity of this man!
My exploration of Hurghada began the next day with a walk along the boardwalk but to my dismay the beaches were completely raped of their beauty by private enterprises. There was NO WAY to access a pubic beach except for 1 small area of which I ended my walk and spent a few hours with a beautiful Ukranian woman Alina. My nakedness inside me couldn’t bare to be free and I told her I would go and swim naked and she was completely open and said there was no problem. To my surprise, no one ever made a complaint about the nudity or shocked which is surprising for a muslim country.
I have to admit that the Egyptian people are by far kind and generous especially the law enforcement. I cannot say the same for Canadian Law enforcement with their lack of communication skills with the public that pays their salaries.
It is now time to leave Hurghada and Egypt. I was quite disappointed with several aspects of this country even though many people have spoken of Egypt as a beautiful country. The quality of internet including speed and blockage of applications, credit card payment system, lack of quality of roads, overconstruction of luxury hotels and resorts and lack of cleanliness of beaches are on my top lists of things that make me very angry about this country. I was hoping to get a few beautiful beaches to relax but the lack of cleanliness and disrespect for the environment are completely disregarded. There are no public free beaches in Egypt other than accessible by car and very far of reach for the public.After leaving Hurghada, which I enjoyed partly for the beautiful waters close to my appartment, I took a bus and headed for next destination Ukraine in the hope of getting back my stolen money.