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Ricky goes to Greece

June 2019

After almost 2 weeks in the beautiful city of Kusadasi I had my sights back to Bodrum or a couchsurfing experience in Samos. My last minute choice was Samos ! I found a couchsurfing friend by the nmae of Mike who was willing to let me stay at his beautiful villa close to mountains and ea for some help in building his villa which he wanted to convert to Air BnB.
The first day I arrived he took me stratight to the mountains and what an experience !
The pictures speak for themselves!

Kerkis – The highest mountains I have ever seen in my life. The mountain Kerkis or Kerketeus is located on the western side of the island. Its highest peak, called Vigla, has a height of 1.443m.
We had to take a truck 30 minutes up and then a 4 hour hike up to the top.
I was very lucky to have an experienced mountain guide to the top and I suggest it even if the cost is about 50 Euros. We reached the top at sunset and hiked down in toal darness ! Look at my Youtube videos for more.
Megalo Seitani One of the most beautiful beaches in Greece and absolutely beautiful especcialy if you intend to go bathing completely naked. Don’T be shy to take it off ! The car ride there is about 45 minutes from Kokarri and a good walk down a narrow trail.

Tsamadou Beach & Lemonakia Beach Two beautiful beathtaking beaches with Tsamadou beach being the only beach devoted to full nudity.