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Ricky goes to Greece

January 2019

What a great visit to one of the oldest cities in the world. Must see the Acropolis. I stopped at Zorbas Hostel right in the center of the city for a small rest.
You can dance almost every night in Athens. Here are a few of the well-know spots for dancers :
Fuego Latino – Salsa , bachata and kizomba nights
Palenque – Salsa Cuban nights with bands
Alsos – Salsa – bachata nights . Great music and dancers
The transportation is fairly good but you have to travel distances to find the right dance spot. The dancers are really good and you’ll get a good mix of salsa and bachata.
The best social nights for great level dancing is definitely at Alsos .
One of the oldest monuments in human history still stands. This ancient citadel sits above the city of Athens so don’t miss your chance to see it ! It’s AMAZING.

Once my visit in Athens was over, it was off to the Romanian Salsa Congress in Romania.