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Ricky goes to Israel
Tel Aviv – Haifa – Eilat

January 2020

The weather in Haifa was getting to be depressing and I managed to work almost 2 months in a cute little Hostel called the Haifa Hostel. The owner Omer is always looking for volunteers and it has 2 floors but one floor still needs to be renovated.

The beaches were gold and clean but just a bit frisky.  The sun enable me to just bathe and go in the water to refresh.  Even though Israel does not have any designated nude beaches I managed to convince two hosts to try swimming naked in Israel for their first time which was really cool since the weather was perfect for swimming naturally !

You can read more about NATURISM or nudism HERE .

The time had come to leave the hostel and made the decision to move south since the weather was rainy almost every day and cold ! My desire for swimming was getting intense and I know the weather was warm and shiny in Eilat. Since I wanted to make it as fast as possible without arriving at night I paid the $20 CAN fee to take the train to Beer Shiva and then decided to try and hike all the way to Eilat. Already the weather was nice but difficult since it was all highway from there. I managed to talk to a driver but he gave me $20 NIS for free !!! He couldn’t speak English. I took the $20 and took a bus straight on the road all the way to the next stop that allowed me for another bus to Eilat. After realizing the cost of a bus was another $20 CAN I decided to hitchike all the way and a nice friendly Israeli let me hop in and drive me all the way to Eilat for free. It is quite easy to take a ride from the desert since it is extremely harsh and no one wants a dead hitchhiker on the roads !


Tel Aviv Ga’ash Haifa

December 2019

The weather in Limassol was getting a bit frisky at night so I decided to take a cheap $13 Euro flight to Israel. I had no choice to make a quick decision and keep warm since my clothes were not fit for the weather. I found any place I could sleep since my budget was getting extremely tight and was disappointed that no work was getting in like expected.
I arrived in Tel-Aviv that night and proceeded to enter the country but was prevented from entering until a border patrol agent asked me a few questions. This time I could not fail the test and I succeeded in getting my 3 month stay in the state of Israel.
I proceeded to enter the bus towards the nearest beach I could since anything I need for survival is available at the beach. My IPhone was fucking up on me ever since I got caught in a rain storm in Cyprus and got the phone wet. It was still working but it was a huge headache finding anything without the phone going crazy. I did eventually get to the beach a few hours after landing and found a place to rest before the sun came back up.

After a really exciting 2 days walking across Tel-Aviv up to Ga’ash I finally found my hostel that was looking for people to help them renovate a hostel in the city of Haifa.

Here are a few groups that organis latin nights in Israel The level is quite beginner everywhere and big lack of knowledge of basic fundatmental steps and I highly recommend to bring a partner since they only dance one dance if you are lucky.

Bachata Nation – Tel Aviv
Latino Mind – Haifa
Latino Beat – Haifaa