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Ricky goes to Mallorca
Palma Agulla
July 2020

Finally after rainy days in Poland I arrived in summer paradise.

During my flight to Mallorca, I met a young Polish girl who was heading north of the island to a small tourist village Ratjada. She offered me the ride there and I accepted without a second thought. I was situated completely north of the island away from the big city. This village had two beaches of which the smaller was more beautiful and practical for going naked. Through my research I read that Spain tolerates public nudity on beaches. This doesn’t mean that people can’t complain. There are always people that have negative views on the human body because of advertising.

I immediately noticed that most supermarkets on the island were closed. This was due to the Corona Virus situation that forced businesses to close. This meant long walks to get food and supplies and pay high cost for eating out.

I was very satisfied from my trip which led me from the north of the island all the way to Palma thanks to help from a few people who helped me hitchhike. Walking was difficult the weather was very hot. I found a nice spot in Palma far from the center to lay down and relax. The rocks were great to swim to and just bathe naked.

It was actually funny to see the reactions of people seeing me naked even though bathing naked is permitted in Spain. See my blog on naturism by clicking HERE :

There you”ll find useful information, tips and pictures related to the subject of naturism.