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Ricky goes to Montenegro

Budva, Sveti Stefan , Ulcinj & Albatros

July 2019

Upon arriving in Montenegro I immediately noticed the commercialization of the beaches in Budva. My Polish companion and I immediately made the quick decision to head out as far from Budva as we could before dark so we could have some peace and quiet. REAL BEACH.
We found an absoulutely beautiful beach a few hours walking distance from Budva. We were burned out but boy did we love this place. A local gril actually recommended we go there !

Albatros Beach

I actually loved the Stefan Beach but I realized I needed to get some dancing but the only way was to continue south and Albatros was just a few hours away from the Albanian border then off to Greece.
Sveti Stefan and Albatros are both nudist beaches as have both access to small restaurants and wifi. They are both accessible by car or walk.

Budva – Nice touristic city if you plan to do some sightseeing and do a bit of cliff diving in the city Old town. The Old Town is the main attraction but a bit to much noisy for me.

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