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Ricky goes back to Odessa

March 2020

I have been told to come back to Odessa for my long awaited trial agains the Palladium and my presence was needed. This case was already more than 1 year in the making and I still haven’t received one penny from my stolen money which was over $ 1000. My hopes were really completely lost to getting my money back.

The road back to Ukraine was long as I had to take the buse from Egypt and fly from Israel to Romania. From Romania I took momento Bus to Moldova then hopped on a local bus to Odessa. This was the cheapest way I could get there for under $100 !

At the same time, the Coronoa Virus panic was getting so bad there was no way out of Ukraine. I did find some cool couchsurfers to come to the Odessa beach with me , which was a first time for them to explore naturism.

There are enormous opportunities to dance in Ukraine including nights and festivals.  The Ukrainians seem to love dancing late in the night.

The reason I love Odessa was for its beautiful beaches but were soon to be gone because of continued construction of private property along them which is really sad.

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