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Warsaw Gdansk Gdniya Gdansk  🇵🇱

July 2020

It’s been a long time I haven’t kept up with my blog due to a crazy virus situation COVID-19 which is only a media created pandemic to increase control the world poplulation.. Enough people believed the lie that they successfully brought all citizens to their countries of origin. Once in their country, citizens could not travel freely.

So I had been stuck for almost 4 months in a country that was controlled by mafia. After several visits to the court, I knew that the whole system was corrupt and I didn’t want any more particpation in the process. The last appearance at civil court was a disaster as the judge asked my translator his diploma to translate for me. He then postponed my suit for a later date AGAIN. This time, I decided it was better to cut my losses and get out.

I was fortunate to find a cheap bus ticket to Poland since all borders were closed to foreigners. The company ECOLINES took passengers from Odessa to Warsaw for only 500 UAH which is about $25 CAN. However, getting across the border was another story ! I want to take the time to thank my Ukranian buddy who took his time to come to court with me and give me useful advice. His experience in the legal system and as a local Ukranian was precious.

Crossing the border was no easy task. My plane ticket was not purchased since I was not assured of my entry into Poland. I immediately took my laptop and reserved a flight to Palma Mallorca ! The border guard thought everything was fine until she told me that I must stay in Poland 14 days for quarantine. I told her there was no way I could go back to Ukraine but she needed the decision of her supervisor. I then handed my court papers to the supervisor and he told me that the papers mentioned I was to be deported from Ukraine? It was at that moment, they told me I was fine to enter Poland. This procedure took almost 1 hour long.

Off I was to Warsaw! Upon arriving Warsaw I found a place to stay for a couple of days named the O&A Hostel. Prices were higher than Ukraine, but service and quality were much superior. My intention was to take a few pictures then leave to a more comfortable environment with sun and beach. I took another bus ticket this time to a port town called Gdansk. There are also plenty of wild beaches that I could be natural and naked 😉

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My trip to Poland was a short one. The weather was fairly cold and rainy. When i arrived in Gdansk I booked a short stay at Hostel Przy Targu Rybnym. The city had a beautiful sandy beach named Stogi. However, the water was not as clean as I expected but had a beautiful sandy beach miles long. This is when I decided to change my route towards another nearby city Gdniya. This city was surrounded by beautiful lush forest and a cliff at the very end.

The weather was so disappointing that I was forced to stay in a hostel or be patient and wait for my next flight to Palma Mallorca.

There is alot of opportunites to go out and dance in Poland including international salsa, bachata and kizomba festivals.  Most festivals are in Warsaw.  I was not in the good period to go out dancing but there were local spots in Gdnyia to dance.