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Ricky goes to Romania
Lasi and Bucharest

October 2019

Back again to Bucharest since Lasi was cold and rainy. Upon arriving in Bucharest I took a nice hostel called the Little Bucharesti Old Town Hostel. It was located right in the center of the city and the price was now 12 euros per night. It was located 2 minutes away from my favorite dance spot the Club Rio ! The view from the hostel was really nice and felt like everything of an old city.

The case against the Palladium in Ukraine was draining my energy but the long awaited chance to return to my first love of european dance was Lasi. The dance teacher Stefan of Magnitude dance was still teaching and doing salsa nights at Oxford Pub.

MAGNITUDE DANCE SCHOOL – There are now a few latin schools in Lasi but Magnitude Dance is the best without a doubt. Stefan Cosmin has been doing latin nights for years at Oxford Pub and the city has some good dancers