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Ricky goes to Romania

Bucharest & Brasov

February 2019

What can I say about the the National Salsa Congres in Brasov Romania ? SIMPLY INCREDIBLE ! The RNSC is the biggest dance event in Romania and there are over 1000 dancers that come from all parts of the country to express their passion for salsa, bachata and kizomba. Social damcing starts at about 11 pm. and can end until 7 am in the morning !
Here is the hostel EVIL CLOWN HOSTEL I stayed during the congress. A beautiful, well-cleanded hostel that even gives FREE breakfast every morning !
Brasov is a beautiful town located a few hours north of the country capital Bucharest. You can take a bus or train at low cost to get there even in the middle of winter. Brasov is a mountainous region and even has it’s own hollywood sign on the mountain to remind you. Not too far from Brasov is Transylvania where the famous writer Bram Stoker wrote his world-acclaimed novel ”DRACULA” ! You can take a tour of the castle that hosted queens and kings for about $10 CAN .

Back to be in Romania when I first came in 2017. I’m a little worn out from the travelling and plances and decide to take a first stop at Puzzle Hostel which is a fairly decent hostel considering the price.
A good night’s sleep in Bucharest this hostel is really cute and friendly. There is a nice cozy party room downstairs or just to relax and the bathrooms are nice and clean. When I wake up I head towards a small café called Fellow One Coffee Shop located right in the heart of Bucharest; Excellent coffee and WIFI if you need it !
Tuesday night is 100 % URBAN KIZZ night hosted by Bucharest Social Dance. The night usually starts at about 8 pm and ends at midnight at Old Sibiu in downtown Bucharest.
The last night in Bucharest was reserved for the biggest party of the city on Wednesday. A bachata kizomba night at Club Rio Bucaresti , a well-established nightclub there. I think this club is great for anyone looking for great level dancers and great variety of salsa, bachata and kizz. A MUST for any dancer