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Ricky goes to Ukraine

April 2019

I have been doing couchsurfing for several years now and luckily found a host ready to help me out since I was out some money after the terrible Palladium experience when they extorted me close to $ 1500 CAN ! I found a girl by the name of Shanti who was a trained masseuse and also practised meditation.
The weather was great so I had no choice but to visit the beautiful beaches of Odessa. She was located an hour north of the City Center called the Kryzhanivka district. The beach was called Dofinovka. Take a look at the pictures and you can see it’s beautiful !
Couchsurfing has always been a great experience for me : FREE HOUSING , FREE WIFI and GOOD COMPANY !

2. WEI WEI (Salsa Odessa)
Salsa , Bachata and Kizomba parties every week (downtown Odessa)
3. Esmerillita
A local mexican restaurant which offers a mix of latin music thursdays, fridays and weekends. If you want to go out for a drink they have a nice dancefloor but you won’t find any great dancers. Bring a friend !
4. Kizomba University
Kizomba University is a kizomba school directed by Yulia Dunaievska. She holds local parties so you have to check the schedule to see the dates of her parties. The level is basic to average and they dance 90 % kizomba with varied bachata music in the night.
My first visit was to the WEI WEI restaurant which is held by their local school of salsa and is located on the 6th Floor ! Beautiful view, the music and dancers are at beginner and intermediate level. I stopped by the Promo Tour for the Kyiv Dance Festival which will be held in March.
Kiev – The visit in Kiev was a bit hard to swallow since most residents don’t speak English and they let you know it ! It took me awhile to figure out where the hot spots for dancing were since everything is on facebook and you have to do long searches to find the right spot. One thing for sure, kizomba is BIG in Kiev ! You can go kizz almost 3 to 4 nights a week.
Here are a list of spots to go dancing in Kiev.
1. Habana Night Club (thursday, friday and Saturday nights (live band)
2. Cat’s ( every Wednesday and Friday nights)
3. Ravado Studio (check out their facebook page for exact party dates)
4. Heaven Club Kiev or Salsa Club Kiev
5. Dance Café Salsita
6. Depo Dance Cafe